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Wanda Delgado

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​colorful banner decor.png

Mrs. Delgado's 
3rd Grade Class​

​​​​​Dear families,​

I hope you had a relaxing and safe summer. Our theme this year is "Readers of the Deep" and I'm excited to start the 2017-2018 school year. Third grade is packed with exciting things to learn in reading, math, writing, social studies, science, and more! I look forward to working with parents and students to meet or exceed our goal of student achievement and growth.  ​Visit ​this page often for current information about our class. 

Mrs. Delgado

3rd Grade Teacher​

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Week of 4/9/2018

​​​Literacy Goals

​~ Literary/InformationalIdentify central messages​ in literary texts and main ideas/details​ in informational texts. RL.1.2, RI.1.2​

~Main Idea game​

-Describe characters​ in a story. RL.1.3

-Determine literal and nonliteral words and phrases. RL.2.4

-Use context clues to determine word meanings. RL.2.4

~Context Clues game​

~ Science- Ch. 9 

~​ Phonics/Spelling- Prefixes im-, in- Spelling City​

​~ Writing- Informative

Math Learning Goals

Geometry 2-Dimensional Shapes - Chapter 12

-Quadrilaterals video​, Study Jams quadrilaterals 

- Study Jams- Types of Lines

​Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass - ​Chapter 10

Elapsed Time on Study Jams​

- Measure Length on Study Jams​

- Customary Units of Length on Study Jams​

-Tools ​of Measurement on Study Jams​​

Perimeter and Area - Chapter 11

~ Find perimeter and unknown side lengths, Find the area of rectangles and combined rectangles, Same Perimeter-Different Areas, Same Area-Different Perimeter​

~​Perimeter game 

~Perimeter and Area of Rectangles game

~More Area and Perimter games​ on

Chapter 9 Comparing Fractions

~​​​​Comparing Fractions with like denominators game​

~Comparing Fractions - Same numerator or denominator game​

~Video on comparing fractions-Khan Academy​

~ Click for Fraction Practice​

~ Learn about multiplication​ and division​ on Study Jams!

~ Learn about fractions​​​ on Study Jams!

Track your child's AR progress to AR goal.
Take sample reading and math assessments aligned to the Florida Standards.
Learning activities aligned to the Florida Standards
Leveled Math and Language Arts Practice
Take a look at today's math lesson! Log on and practice your math skills.
Play games, watch videos, learn about animals, and places, and get fun facts about our world!
Stay connected to your child's grades. Access student grades here.
Read stories, poems, and informtional text to build strong vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.
Practice your spelling words and have a little fun!
Listen to stories told by well-known actors.
Test your multiplication facts knowledge!
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​​​​Important Dates:​

5/21 ~ 3rd Grade Spelling Bee

5/25 ~ Early Dismissal

Click on the Calendar below to view full size​