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Michelle Woolf

Welcome to Mrs. Woolf's Website

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​Contact info:

 Gulf Elementary

​Dates to remember:

Sept. 12th- Interims available on FOCUS

Sept. 12th- Highlight forms (yellow forms) due

Sept. 17-28- Canned Food Drive

Sept. 18th- Scholastic book orders due

Sept. 19th- PTO/SAC Meeting ( ALL parents are welcome to attend)

Sept. 27th- Family Math Night 6:00 PM

Oct. 1st- Fall Fest Donations Due

Important infomation

*school hours are 8:55-3:10

*children arriving after 8:55 will be marked tardy

*FREE breakfast is served to all students from 8:30-8:50 AM

*FREE lunch is served to all students. If your child wants to purchase extra items, sweet treats, or ice cream (Ice cream is sold on Friday's) you will need to send in money for your child's account or add it to the account online.

*dismissal begins at 3:17 PM
please be patient the 1st couple of weeks if you are picking up your child in the car line

*Please check the red  Communication folder nightly for your child's schoolwork. Those papers should be removed nightly (left side) & return papers on the right.

*Sign the planner nightly & check notes​ and upcoming events. 

 *Please place any money and/or notes for me inside the zipper pouch of the red folder.


Our class collects Box Tops.... 
We collect Box Tops in our classroom!! You will earn dolphin dollars and other prizes/treats when you turn in box tops. 
Send your box tops to help support our classroom!!!  

  • ​We can identify numbers 6-9
  • We can model numbers 6-9​
  • We can count and order numbers 6-9

Language Arts/Phonograms
​​We are learning letter sounds using the Really Great Reading program. Each week there will be a label in your child's Communication folder  so you will know what letter sounds and sight words are being introduced each week.​
  • ​​We can identify the name and sounds of letters
  • We can identify the beginning sound of a word
  • We can identify rhyming words
  • We can identify syllables in a word​                                                                                                              


 I will introduce five words each week and they will be included on the letter sound label in the planner.   The first page o​f sight wwords lists ​are in the Communication Folder.  Please do not write on the paper.  ​New pages will be added as we master the page in the Binder.  Please be patient, I have 18 students to read the words to me and it takes time to give them each their turn.

Practice the ball words in the red folder each night!!!

We will begin with writing our names PROPERLY, using an uppercase letter at the beginning and all lowercase afterward, as well as paying attention to the size of each letter. Remember, we use Zaner-Bloser  handwriting. We will be tracing all of the letters to get the feel of the proper strokes and ensuring proper pencil holding techniques - Pinch the pencil at the edge of the yellow with your thumb and pointer, do not grip too tightly, let the pencil lay back in the crook of your thumb and pointer. You should also always hold the paper with your other hand to ensure no extra movement of the paper while writing.​

​This Week's Special Schedule:
​Monday:  STEM
Tuesday​:  P.E. 
Wednesday:  P.E.
Thursday:  P.E.
Friday:  P.E​.

Classroom donations needed:
*baby wipes
* M & M's
*individually wrapped mini size candies
*small & big plain white paper plates
*packs of google eyes (any size)
* ream of copy paper
*white & brown paper lunch bags


Watch D.O.G.S Logo
Calling all dads, uncles, & grandfathers. If you are interested in becoming a WATCh D.O.G.S. for the day please call the school for more information and to set up a date.  We would love to have you in the class & school for a day.​

Image result for happy birthday clip art 

Jaxson 18th

If you are sending in a small birthday treat for your child it must be checked at the main office for allergies. All treats will be passed out at lunch.  
Please do not brings cakes, juice, balloons, etc. We have a limited amount of time for lunch. 
Our lunch time is 11:32-11:57 am. 
Please feel free to join your child for lunch for their birthday or any other day you have available. 

Student of the week.....

Nemo has gotten his back together and ready to visit each student!  Nemo is looking forward to going home with each student for an adventurous weekend ! Inside Nemo's backpack, there is last year's adventure book to look at and get ideas.  The students look fo​rward to hearing Nemo's adventure story when he returns the following week! 


Art Shirts

Image result for t shirt clip artImage result for long sleeve buttoned t shirt clip artImage result for long sleeve buttoned t shirt clip art

Here are a few examples of art shirts that you can send into school. It should be oversized NOT their normal size.

Please make sure you write your childs name on the inside.

If you have not sent in an art shirt for your child please do so asap. We have art every Friday and the art shirts will help keep your childs clothes clean while in art.

Quarterly skills to practice:​

-counting sets 0-5
-identify numbers 0-5
-order numbers 0-5
-count sets 0-9
-identify numerals 0-9
-identify 2D shapes
-identify capital & lower case letters Aa-Zz
-identify letter sounds A-Z​
-identify all 20 words from the baseball list 1. 
-recognize rhyming words
-identify beginning sounds of words
-identify how many syllables in a word


Image result for compass learning

Compass paths are NOT available at this time.
Once they are available, You can access compass through the gulf website and the student launch pad. These paths were delevloped from your child's results ont he STAR Early Lit test they took.
Please have your child work in their path each night for 15-20 mins. Of course they can always work on the path longer than 15-20 mins.
 Please follow the gray box with the FS path and do ​not skip around.

You can find your child's login information in the red folder. It is located in the clear sleeve with the keyboard.



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Practice the phonogram sounds
LCSD sight word lists to practice
Your child's grades
Use this link to add money to your child's lunch account or just to monitor the balance
Use the link to watch & practice phonogram sounds.
Matth fact practice