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Susan Hassett

​​​Susie Hassett's Science Site! Watersheds.jpg​​

Our episode of the WGCU Curious Kids show, 

 “What is a Watershed?” won an Emmy in December 2015!

Our second episode, "Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries" won an EMMY in December 2017!!​


​See us at "Ding Darling Family Day" October 15, 10 am-3 pm at the Visitor's Center. All free for your family!


"Ding" Darling Days 2017: 
Mark your calendars for October 15-21

Ding” Darling Days’ Family Fun Day on Sunday, October 15, kicks off a week of eco-activities with all-free refuge tram tours, live wildlife presentations, hot dogs, kids crafts, and other family activities. Birding, boating, tram, paddleboarding, and kayaking activities fill the week. The 29th annual celebration ends on Saturday, October 21, with Conservation Art Day, where Federal Duck Stamp Winners, other artists, cartooning, and a Refuge photography tram tour will highlight a day devoted to Jay Norwood Darling’s legacy as the first duck stamp artist and Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist.​



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Littleton Grows with the help of

OrganicLEE Compost!


Appreciate your forest and all the benefits it provides!  We are lucky to have our own community forest on campus.
Everything you wanted to know about space!
Zoom in to see the smallest things, out to see how big the universe and all the things in space are!
Play a game about the rock cycle and watch how rocks form! Print your best score and bring it to Mrs. Hassett for a prize!
This website is a great way to figure out what science fair project to do!  It has all the info you need to help you complete your project, as well.
You can check out the species we have identified so far. Can you find more?
Learn all about the secret lives of turtles by following them by satellite!  So much great info on this page.
Watch "What is a Watershed?", our Emmy-nominated TV show!
Learn how to use a GPS to mark the location of a neat nature find!