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Mr. Eric J. Metzner, M.S.Ed.



​​​The purpose of courses listed here is to provide students a comprehensive set of skills in order to be individually successful in this demanding 21st Century environment by way of daily academic improvements and interactions along with high-quality teacher guidance. Furthermore, to enhance student experience levels and competency in the areas of individual achievement, academic research, self-actualization, technology, writing, reading, gathering information, enhanced study skills, and communicating with elevated vocabulary.
  1. Arrive on time & be best prepared (respectful: in mind, of materials, with manners)
  2. Follow all directions the first time they are given (dependable and trustworthy)
  3. Respect yourself, the teacher, others, materials, school, and yourself (standards)
  4. Remember why you (and we) are here...and for what positive results (character)
  5. Do what is needed to accomplish goals (reliability and effectiveness)
  6. Earn your required certifications (by the weeks prior to the end of 2nd Quarter)
  1. Arrive to school early to prepare for all classes (professionalism)
  2. Use best teaching practices for and with all students (preparedness)
  3. Treat all students with decency and respect (integrity and character)
  4. Be knowledgeable about topics in class for assignments (capability)
  5. Be understanding of student learning environment and lifestyles (compassion)
  6. Always stay informed of student statuses and progress (awareness)
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2019-2020 Courses: Digital Design 1 / 2 / 3
Digital Design will introduce the use of Adobe CC Industry Standard Raster and Vector software, beginning with Adobe Photoshop CC photo editing and branding design software, to enable students the opportunity to become productive with computer-aided graphic design. The second component software focus will include both Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe InDesign CC. This course integrates the major components of Digital Graphic and Moving Visual Design that enhance the efficacy of the competitive market aspects of Illustration, Branding, Marketing, Mobile and Desktop Applications, Web Design, and intellectual property.

2019-2020 Courses: Administrative Office Technology 1
This course will introduce the use of office software for use in most business settings. The software includes the varied aspects of both Microsoft and Google Cloud. Students will learn from this course abilities to become productive with professional quality and use of computer-aided business communications. Business enviroments will be interwoven with inter- and intra- personal interactions that have both ethical and moral standards. This course integrates the major components of Business Communications (verbal and processes) that enhance the efficacy within the competitive market aspects of Professionalism, Branding, Marketing, Mobile and Desktop Applications, Business Design, and intellectual property.

2019-2020 Courses: 3-D Animation Technology 1 (2D and 3D)
This course will introduce the use of Adobe CC, Autodesk, and other varied industry-standard computer-assisted-design software. A portion of the course will use foundations of photo editing, vector graphics, marketing, and branding design software to enable students the opportunity to become productive with creative design. The second component includes the engineering factors behind the creation of products, places, and buildings. The third component will incorporate motion graphics in both 2-D and 3-D applications via use of creative, technique-driven, and complex modelling and rigging software. The integration of computer coding languages (to include nodes, block-coding, and Python) via simulations and trials of working digital models will elevate such modeling to rise to the levels of working prototypes (whether on the screen or even printed/created to demonstrate such designs). This course integrates the major components of Digital Graphic and Moving Visual Design that enhance the efficacy of the competitive market aspects of Illustration, Branding, Marketing, Mobile and Desktop Applications, Web Design, and intellectual property.


EDEPS - 2019
​Employer Planning System
Business Management and Administration
--- Essentially how units of educational content matter to our future plans


All students are asked to review this video and to find their own character set

*Mr. Metzner is an ISTJ (as of May 2018)

​This is My Greatest Advice to You...
Great words from an inspiring human being. (The full speech is here​)


Business Academy Certifications
  1. CIW Internet Business Associate (pass/earn before 3rd quarter ends)
Additional certifications offered:
Microsoft Office Suite -> Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word

Business Academy Adobe Certifications
  1. Adobe Photoshop CC (earn before 2nd quarter ends)
  2. Adobe Illustrator CC (earn before 2nd quarter ends)
  3. Adobe InDesign CC (earn before 2nd quarter ends)
Additional certifications that may be offered:
Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Flash Pro CC, and Adobe Premiere CC

GMetrix: For those needing training
3 Test Mode "Test" activities - with a score of 85% or better
(done within the two weeks prior to sitting for a certification exam)


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​​Please use GOOGLE CLASSROOM (Google Drive) for student work. Your user name is your computer login with email: ... then sign in like you would at any school computer. Thank you. (help) 
(downloadable class textbooks)​​