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Denise Adams


Mrs. Adams' Class 
​​May 21st-May 30th

​The last day of school is almost here!  The closing of one door and the opening of another.  I want to thank each child for all the warmth, the memories, and the learning that we have shared this school year.  To my students I say thank you!  For when I teach, I also learn.  This past year we have grown together.  Always strive to be the BEST you can be!

To the parents, I say thank you for allowing me to be your child's teacher.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me. Have a wonderful and safe summer!


​​I am so proud of my class for continuing to work hard on following classroom and school wide expectations. Keep up the great teamwork boys and girls!  We have earned our last Compliment Party for the school year​!

In your child's planner will be written the daily homework assignment along with the spelling words for the week. Please be sure to sign your child's planner everyday. Planners are are great way for us to communicate along with Classdojo. We are using Class Dojo points as an in class program.  If is ​a concern, I will send you a private message.  Please don't hestitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

​Important News!

  • Last day for backpacks is May 25th
  • Early dismissal days are May 25th, 29th and 30th
  • Report cards go home on May 30th
  • Snacks:  Since our lunch is late, the children really enjoy a small snack in the m​orning.  If you are willing to donate a class snack ​some suggestions are goldfish, pretzels, crackers, cookies, popcorn...​

Our Daily Schedule
8:30-9:05       Morning work
9:10-9:50       Special (Days 1,2,3,5-PE) Day 4 (Stem/Music) 
9:50-11:20     Reading Block
11:30-12:00    Specials (ART, SEL, Computer L​ab, Media)
12:20-12:45    Lunch
12:45-1:08     Recess
1:10-2:10        Math
2:15-2:45       Social Studies/Science
2:45-3:05      AR
3:14               Dismissal

Reading:  There will be no more spelling, grammar or CCR tests for the rest of this year.

Phonics/Spelling words: ​

Vocabulary words

High Frequency Words:  




Math:  This week we finish with Chapter 11 which focuses on Geometry.  The children will be learning about the attributes of plane shapes and geometric solids. This is a fun chapter for the boys and girls!

Also, encourage your child to go on Fast Math and Compass at home over the summer to help build fluency with math facts.  

I have also added the link for Sumdog. This is another fun website for your child to practice math skills. Y​our child's logon information can be found in your child's planner.

Science:  We will be learning about the different types of clouds.​


Friday- early dismissal

​​ ​
Homework ​​​​​​​​

Your child is also responsible for practicing the weekly spelling words as well as reading an AR book each night.  I also encourage all students to go on Compass Reading and Math for additional practice.


     ​Please encourage your child to be reading and testing on AR books everyday. He/she needs to read each book at least 2-3 times before taking an AR test. Every child has the time in class to test on an AR book if they use their​ time wisely. A label with your child's individual point goal for the 4th quarter has been placed in your child's planner. The total points your child will have to earn is for a 9 week period.  Each child begins the new quarter with 0 points.  Your child should be at 100% of his/her goal by Friday, May 18th.​

​​     Our class is working hard on achieving AR Certifications.  At the end of the school year, if a student has earned 100 total AR points for the year they receive an awesome trophy!​​ I am so proud of Tony, Jose​ and Jacob for earning 100 AR points this year!  Great job:)

Have a great week!



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