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Cindy Marchese


Happy New Year!

The mission of Gulf Elementary School is to create a community of learners who are equipped with the knowledge,

strength of character, and desire to reflect on the past, achieve in the present, and build for the future.

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​​Mrs. Marchese's Class ​News

January 4 - January 8, 2016

For more details about our school calendar check out the Gulf Elementary website​​

​Math:​  We will continue to work on Chapter 5, Addition. 

The children will continue to learn how to make addition sentences using manipulatives, pictures and number lines.

Phonemic Awareness: Identify On-Set & Rime, Ending Sounds & Blend CVC Words

PhonogramsThe students have become excited about sounds!  We are learning  the Phonograms A-Z, which are phonograms #1 - 26.  Some students know most of their sounds, others need to learn their sounds. So, we are reviewing all 26 phonograms each day and then each week we will focus on 2 different phonograms. This week we will be focusing on the phonograms for th (has two sounds, /th/ as in Thursday & /th/as in the) and oo(has two sounds, /oo/ as in boot & /oo/ as in look).​​  ​

English /Language Arts:


Word Lists: Word List 4  

Make index cards with the vocabulary words on them.  After your child can sound out and read the words, put them together in small phrases of your own to practice "reading" them.  For example:  put the cards : she  said  that  next to each other in that order and have your child read it to you.  The phrases they must read to me are just that, putting the words on the list together to make small phrases.

Reading Homework:  Read and review the most current page of words in your child's sight word folder.  For extra copies of the lists, click here​ SUPER W​​ord Lists​​.  Please do NOT write or allow your child to mark the list in the sight word folder.  Print another list from the link above and mark on the extra list.  

REMEMBER:  Always review the words on the previous lists your child has completed.  The words from previous lists are used to make phrases on the new list!  They cannot forget the words they already learned.  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Super Word Milestones:

1. Snap Words: Aleksander, Julia, Preston, Alannah, Mason, Zoey, Shelby, Kaiden, Trenton, Mylee, Justin, Charlie, Kayleb, Jayden, Alysia, Holly, Mina

2. Pow Words:  Aleksander, Julia, Preston, Alannah, Mason, Zoey, Shelby, Kaiden, Mylee, Justin, Charlie, Kayleb, Jayden, Alysia, Holly, Mina

3. Bam Words: Aleksander, Preston, Alannah, Mason, Zoey, Shelby, Mylee, Justin, Charlie, Kayleb, Jayden, Alysia, Holly, Mina

4. Pop Words: Aleksander, Alannah, Zoey, Justin

5. Wow Words:

6. Zap Words:

7. Boom Words:

8. Wham Words:

List 8 is Kindergarten's Yearly Goal - all lists beyond this point are enrichment!

9. Swoosh Words:

10. Zoinks Words:

11. Bag Words:

12. Whack Words:

13. Thump words:

14. Blam Words:

​15. Ka-Boom Words:

The students are starting to try and write sounds that they hear in a word to write the word. We will start small, if they only hear the beginning sound, then that's a start.  Then we will put the beginning and ending sound.  Eventually we want to put the middle sound in and write every sound we hear to be able to write the word and be able to read it.
 We will continue writing our names PROPERLY, using an uppercase letter at the beginning and all lowercase afterward, as well as paying attention to the size of each letter.  We are trying to use all 3 lines, top, middle, and bottom, to make sure the letters are formed correctly.  Please practice this at home.

Remember, we use D'Nealian handwriting.  Sample writing pages are in the sight word folder. We will be tracing all of the letters to get the feel of the proper strokes and ensuring proper pencil holding techniques - Pinch the pencil at the edge of the yellow with your thumb and pointer, do not grip too tightly, let the pencil lay back in the crook of your thumb and pointer.  You should also always hold the paper with your other hand to ensure no extra movement of the paper while writing.

Science / Social Studies:​ This week we will focus on Winter.

Important Dates:​


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