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Angela Harbison


 Ms. Harbison's Happenings!!!​​​​​​  ​

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​Hello Families!

​You may also contact me at: or through Class Dojo

Please check the sidebar for some super fun games for your child to enjoy while learning!!! 

  • ​We can use numbers to solve addition problems
  • We can use numbers to solve subtraction problems
  • We can represent, count, and write numbers 11-19

Language Arts/Phonograms
​​We are learning letter sounds using the Really Great Reading program. Each week there will be a label in your child's Communication folder  so you will know what letter sounds and sight words are being introduced each week.​  ​Use the website link to the right to find Letter Sound ​Cards and Letter Sound  Facts which has sample sound pronunciation. 
  • ​​We can identify the name and sounds of letters
  • We can identify the beginning, ending, and middle  sound of a word
  • We can sound out CVC words (consonant vowel consonat words /d/ /i/ /g/ = dig
  • We can identify rhyming words                                                                                                               


 I will introduce three words each week and they will be included on the letter sound label in the planner.   The first page o​f sight wwords lists ​are in the Communication Folder.  Please do not write on the paper.  ​New pages will be added as we master the page in the Binder.  Please be patient, I have 18 students to read the words to me and it takes time to give them each their turn. :-)​​

We will begin with writing our names PROPERLY, using an uppercase letter at the beginning and all lowercase afterward, as well as paying attention to the size of each letter. Remember, we use Zaner-Bloser  handwriting. We will be tracing all of the letters to get the feel of the proper strokes and ensuring proper pencil holding techniques - Pinch the pencil at the edge of the yellow with your thumb and pointer, do not grip too tightly, let the pencil lay back in the crook of your thumb and pointer. You should also always hold the paper with your other hand to ensure no extra movement of the paper while writing.

*Important Information*


Please check the snack schedule in the communication binder to view your time to provide snack for 18 students.  Please contact me one week prior if you are unable to provide as this does affect the entire class.  For example:  fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, veggie straws, etc.  

We do collect Box Tops!   They are very helpful in raising money to get extra supplies in the classroom. Please be careful to NOT cut off the date.

Your child's  Communication Binder  is extremely important!
  • Please check the binder nightly for your child's schoolwork and homework for each day.  
  • Sign the planner nightly for school notes​ and umpcoming events.  
  • Please place lunch money under the black clip inside the planner.
  • Please review Binder rules so that your Binder will last all year!



  • school hours are 8:55-3:10
  • children arriving after 8:55 will be marked tardy
  • practice your word list every night​​

Secret Word:
Please write this word in your planner and you will receive a special treat: kind


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