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Dem Bones, Dem Bones

​     Today was a very exciting day for the students in Mrs. Fiore's class. We started off our morning with an amazing storybook parade to celebrate Halloween. We saw some of the greatest costumes this year! We also had a special guest speaker to talk to us about the skeletal system. Mrs. Glass is a physical therapist​ and she shared with us her knowledge of bones and how they work in our bodies. First she named and identified various bones, then she showed us how people with injuries can still walk and get around on crutches, with ace bandages, or with a walker. Here's Alahna helping out her mom. 
                   skeleton 7.JPG

     After that we learned about stretching and exercising our muscles to stay healthy and strong. We also learned a great song and dance about the bones in our body. Students enjoyed the hands on activity of wrapping each other's arms or legs with bandages. See below some future doctors and nurses at work.

Skeleton 1.JPG  skeleton 4.JPGskeleton 3.JPG
skeleton 2.JPG   skeleton 6.JPG

     Finally, we incorporated art in to our day with a fun gluing activity. Everyone made their own skeleton out of Q-tips. They turned out really well don't you think?
                 skeleton 5.JPG

Harvest of the Month
Florida Grapefruit
     Today the students experienced eating fresh Florida grapefruit. Some of them were really nervous at first to try a new food they had never eaten before. After learning about where and how they grow and their healthy benefits everyone was excited about the taste test. We used our experience to describe the grapefruit using our five senses. Second graders are just learning about adjectives so it fit in perfect with our grammar activities. We also labeled a Florida map with historical events and citrus growing counties. The students like to learn about new things and today they identified fractions using different colors of grapefruits. Finally, after tasting two kinds of Florida citrus they compared the  fruits using a Venn Diagram. Thank you to the Florida Department of Agriculture for the great materials and lessons for my class.​ We can't wait to see what next month will bring!

grapefruit pic2.JPGgrapefruit pic3.JPGgrapefruit pic 1.JPG


Around the World

     ​​Today the students learned a lot about teamwork and deductive reasoning through a hands-on logic puzzle. ​Each team had to put a group of 8 students in a circle according to a set of clues and rules they were given. Together they had to read and explain the clues, then they had to arrange or rearrange their circle of students according to the information they received on the clue cards. It was quite challenging for some teams. Only two out of four groups successfully completed the challenge. See below how our students used "heads together" to try and solve this puzzle. 
logic 1.JPG          logic 2.JPG                      logic 3.JPG

It's International Dot Day!

​   Dot day is a special day where classrooms around the world can explore bravery, creativity, and self expression. Based on the book, The Dot, which tells the story of a caring teacher who reaches out to a reluctant student in a creative way. In Mark Reynold's book, the teacher dares Vashti to "make her mark" on the world by signing her dot picture. This really inspires Vashti's creativity to bloom and ultimately it's how she inspires others. In our class students were given a choice of mediums for their ​dot pictures. They could make a foam collage, use Microsoft Paint on the computer, paint with water colors, or color with makers using special 3D Quiver coloring pages. Everyone had their own ideas about creativity and art. Enjoy the pictures and check out the book sometime!

Dot day paint.JPG  ​​dot day quiver.JPGdot day MS paint.JPGdot day quiver 2.JPG
dot day quiver app.JPG 
jimmys gooddot.pngcuyler dot.png

Elevation Maps

​​​      In Social Studies the students have been learning about reading and u​​​​​​sing maps and   globes​.  We have focused on important parts of the map such as the title, compass rose, and key. We spent some time studying political maps with ​each of the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans of the world. Labeling the 50 states and putting the U.S. floor puzzle together are popular activities for those needing enrichment. 

     We also have seen that there are many different types of maps. One of those is an elevation map. Today we discussed the sea levels and elevations of Florida. I shared with them that my house is at 9ft. above sea level. Many of them could relate to digging holes at the beach and reaching water. 

    Later we carefully followed the recipe for salt dough and made our own version of Florida covered in dough. The students had so much fun mushing and mashing the warm dough on to their stencils. Here's a picture of the dough drying. 

     We still have the painting yet to do. It will depict a range of elevations throughout the state and a color coded key. More pictures to come.

​​​​salt dough 2.png
salt dough maps painted.JPG

Multiple Intelligences

​Welcome back! One of the ways I am getting to know your students better is through self reflections and surveys. This week we focused on the ways you are smart or your "multiple intelligences." The results are in. It turns out we all have many gifts and talents. If you are interested in seeing your child's individual results, please check their take home binders. If you would like to see what your own intelligences are,please check out the documents link above and download a copy for yourself. 

12   Nature smart
3    Number smart
6    Word smart
7    Music smart
7    Picture smart
6    Body smart
5    People smart
5    Self smart

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mrs. Fiore's 2nd Grade
Gulf Elementary



     Welcome to 2nd grade. I hope you had an amazing summer break and are ready to get back to school. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. ​This is going to be a year full of fun, exploring, and learning from each other and the world around us. If you need a copy of the supply list for this year check out the Documents' link above for printable list or purchase a kit at school for $21.00.

     First a little bit about me. Although I grew up traveling ​in countries all over the world, I have spent most of my life right here in Cape Coral. ​ This is my 14th year teaching at Gulf Elementary and I have loved every minute of it! My three grown children Brittany, Rebecca, and Andrew also attended this school K-5th grade many years ago, so this place has always felt like family to me. Welcome to the Gulf ​family! 

     ​Most of my teaching experience has been  between fourth grade and second with a focus on gifted education the past 5 years. I strive and thrive on the challenge of meeting the needs of all my students no matter what their gifts, talents, strenths, or weaknesses are. ​I can't wait to get to know you all better as learners.


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